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I authorize monthly deductions until I notify Colorado HealthOP of termination. I understand this payment will be applied on the last business day of the month prior to the billing period. For instance, payment would be applied on January 31st for February premium. This is different than the premium due date noted on my monthly invoice.


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Upon receipt of your enrollment from Connect for Health, you are authorizing us to apply payment as described above.
This is to confirm that, in keeping with all applicable laws, you’ve instructed Colorado HealthOP to apply your monthly premium payment against your Credit Card or Bank Account. It is expressly understood that the amount charged does not include or constitute any additional fees related to Colorado HealthOp’s acceptance of credit cards as a form of payment, if applicable.
Colorado HealthOP further represents that the credit card holder stated the authorization of this transaction and that Colorado HealthOP will be held harmless with respect to these instructions. It is understood and accepted that to provide additional security for your benefit, Colorado HealthOP may verify your billing address.